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ASTILL Grenville [X]
Type d'opération
56 [X]
Date (Année)
1987 [X]

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RAP00567.pdf ((56). quatre communes du Morbihan : carentoir)
  • (56). quatre communes du Morbihan : carentoir
  • 56
  • EAST BRITTANY SURVEY 1987 PU EAST BRITTANY SURVEY - OUST/VILAINE WATERSHED EASTER 1987 The seventh season in a programme of fieldwork, itself part of a larger, mul ti -di sci pl i nary study of the relationship between 1 and-use and settlement during the last two thousand
  • landscape
  • (see fig. 1). M was in 1986, and six fields walked then: the alignment transect was slightly changed in 1987 to ensure coverage of a cross-section of land-use types Carentoir and the Vilaine. to the started of this adéquate between Sui table fields under plough and with young crop
  • . Future work A team of four will return to the core communes in October-November 1987 to do one final month of 'total collection'. In August and September 1988 we plan an extended season of small-scale excavation in the core, to continue to investigate the relationship between surface
  • and subsoil features, as in 1985 and 1986, in order to be in a position to interpret the now large corpus of fieldwalking data. Analysis of the standing building records will be undertaken in 1987-8, and work on pottery fabrics and soils will continue. •*•*■*•***■ ■*■*•**♦■** The season
  • provided financial support. G. G. Astill Department of Archaeology University of Reading Whi tekni ghts Reading RG6 2AA Wendy Davies Department of History University Collège London Gower Street London WC1E 6BT 9 July 1987 REFERENCES Astill, G. and Davies, W. 1982 'Un nouveau programme